About us

We are three Assistant Psychologists currently working in an NHS Mental Health Trust. We all come from different backgrounds, and although we have similarities in our training, we have diverse areas of interest within the field of mental health and have arrived at our current positions from varied prior experiences.

The aim of our blog is to increase awareness of issues within the mental health sector, as well as discuss topical research and debate ideas, policies and general psychological themes. We often find ourselves wrapped up discussing the latest area of psychology that’s been splashed across the news, or a new paper someone has read that they’ve been fascinated by. We thought it would probably be a more constructive and productive use of time to blog about this, and try and increase involvement in our dialogues to add new perspectives.

But firstly, we should introduce ourselves:



I’m Denisha, currently working as an assistant psychologist with the hope of becoming a clinical psychologist. My current job has sparked an interest in diversity related issues, such as asking questions like “Where are all the diverse psychologists?” (although don’t get me wrong, each and every one of us has something diverse to offer!) and also looking at community engagement projects between services and the community. I am also interested in increasing awareness of mental health and the portrayal of mental health in the media and local communities. In fact, I have a lot of interests within mental health (research and professional work) so I hope I can write about all of these! Other than that I love music and I spend a lot of my time discovering new bands and belly dancing.



I’m also currently an assistant psychologist, aiming to one day study and qualify as a clinical psychologist. Chasing the elusive DClin goal that can sometimes feel like a bit of a horizon not a destination, but it doesn’t matter, we shall not give up! My background is more neuropsychology focused having worked on a neuropsych seizure ward straight out of uni, which is where my heart and interests currently lie in this diverse field. I am fascinated by anything to do with the brain and how damage to certain areas impact our behaviour. I also have a significant interest in service user involvement in research, and looking at ways to not only increase this across psychological research, but also demonstrate and utilise its value within projects. My current work has sparked an interest in global mental health, particularly mental health infrastructure (or lack thereof) in lower income countries. Outside of psychology I spend a lot of time slowly trying to kill myself training for triathlons, it’s a type B kind of fun.